Prototyping.. updated

Well the last few weeks were quite productive and not only I completed a series of measurements, but I also finalized the development of a stable laser diode driver and TEC controller. All went very smooth without major obstacles, apart from a surprise with trim pot noise.

I now have received the PCBs for the drivers, and in an evenings’ work eagerly completed the first prototype:

Next thing is to check that all still works properly and conduct extensive measurements. If all goes well, I would be able to produce 4-5 complete units plus a few drivers separately, and put them up for sale. Please contact me if you are interested.


3 Responses to “Prototyping.. updated”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    I like your blog. I am interested in your PCB and its capabilities. We won’t mind purchasing one to try it out depending on what it could do. We also have some parts that you might want to try out for your ECLD work. Let me know.


  2. Scott Says:

    Did you find a blu-ray laser diode that is suitable for holography?

  3. rxlaser Says:

    Hi Scott, no but I tried so far only a single diode and that was totally useless except in an ECDL configuration; and then it had just 15mW or so. Probably with some more systematic investigations one could improve this. I also read somewhere that other people were able to do holograms with specific, free running blu ray diodes; I don’t know whether these were just a lucky accident or whether certain types of diodes are genuinely better behaved than others.

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