Lasers and driver boards for sale

Finally, after many weeks of extensive burn-in and long-term mode stability tests, I now have a few lasers ready to go, as well a couple of highly stable diode and TEC driver boards for DIY holography lasers; details are here. Some of the lasers were sent off today for testing in real-life holography. I will report when I know more. If you are interested, contact me.

The boards are 79€ each plus shipping, with suitable Peltier element and thermistor 4€ more. The 640nm lasers go for 275€ and the 658nm between 180€ and 200€ depending on the power.

Note added (Jan 10):
I got some more lasers, the new ones have a noise detection feature built in, which is supposed to help to detect instabilities due to backreflections etc. More details are here. The extra for each laser is 20€. I sell separately the ready-to-use boards for 20€ as well, you can use them with your own lasers (a glass plate beam splitter is needed in addition).

Note added (Feb 15):
All lasers are sold out, I am not sure whether I will build more of this kind anytime soon. Right now I am looking into ECDLs to see whether they have a substantial advantage over bare diodes such as to justify the higher costs. So far it seems that the achievable stable power is not much higher as compared to bare single mode diode lasers, and the main difference, a very small line width, is not relevant for ordinary holography purposes. Stay tuned.


11 Responses to “Lasers and driver boards for sale”

  1. D Says:

    Beautiful image!

  2. D Says:

    Do the diodes behave similarly? I mean, do you find a stable region at approximately the same power for a certain diode type?

  3. rxlaser Says:

    Well the precise answer is this: for the two Opnexts, the operation spots I finally chose are almost identical, as is their power (approx 70mW) and stability. One can hunt for higher but then there can be mode jumps from time to time, getting worse with higher power.

    For the first two Mitsubishis it was similar (approx 60mW). However for Mitsubishis #3 and #4 the stable settings were much lower, like 40mW. So at least for the latter there can be a large variation even out from the same batch.

  4. D Says:

    Ok, thanks.

  5. Tem00 Says:

    We are trying to build an USB-io card as in you design, however, when running DRC we get a lot of errors. I am not sure wheter or not Olimex would produce this card. How did you do when you ordered your card? Did you send the board-file or did you send a Gerber-file? You don’t happen to have a card for sale? Or is it possible to order our own card from Olimex using you order number?

    Best regards

  6. rxlaser Says:

    Hi, yes indeed for my first projects I didnt care about these kind of errors and I was sending the gerber files etc separately, they can easily exported from Eagle. According to Olimex’ FAQ they do reproduce boards of other customers if they get a written confirmation, and I’d be happy to do it, but I’d need for this the customer po# which I deleted unfortunately…

    But do you really like to go this way? By now there are many cheap USB/I2C modules on the market. I use the IOWarrior so far because I am used to it and my software (I2C to USB to LABview bridge) is written for that. But starting fresh I’d consider some other alternatives that may take less work, software-wise. Have a look eg at:

    At any rate, it so happens that just now I was starting to design a new improved version. However this would not be for the Coherent 315M with 3 separate TEC controllers, but for diode lasers and more general purpose applications, as an upgrade/replacement what I use now for my diode lasers. It will have the IOWarrior on a small separate board and the main board will have just an I2C interface, so one could drive the latter also with a different I2C controller. It will have a few 16bit input and outputs plus some more 12bit ones, all buffered and protected by opamps (which was a drawback so far). But it will also be tailored to my specific needs, uses a larger variety of IC’s and might contain more stuff than what others need.

    So what is the intended use you have in mind for your project?

    I’d be happy to share the files but this will take at least 4 more weeks or so until done.


  7. Jim Says:

    I’d like to puchase one of your driver/tec controller boards. Do you have any for sale?

  8. rxlaser Says:

    Hi Jim,

    ups, sorry for some reason I didn’t see your comment! Yes, I do have again a few boards for sale, and will have a few more lasers ready until the end of the year (I hope).

  9. Arturo Says:


    I was wondering if you have any laser head available for sale at this time, or are planning in mounting new ones anytime soon.


  10. rxlaser Says:

    Yes, there are a few 655nm (and perhaps one 642nm) lasers available … some with a new built-in noise detection feature for monitoring stability. Power in the range 60-80mW.

  11. andreas Sarakinos Says:

    If there are laser heads at 638 to 642 available plus extra driver boards how can we obtain?

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