… been a busy fall

Well the title says it all, I have spent the last couple of months in developing/building/testing a new series of driver boards, and complete ECDLs. While the boards and red ECDLs run very well, the 445nm ECDLs still make headache for stability reasons; 40-60mW can be done pretty well but everything beyond that is hard to keep stable over extended periods of time.

As soon as I have found a good way to have the die cast aluminum cases painted, I will sell off a few lasers, to make room for new projects. Here some eye candy:

PS: Drivers are sold put, most lasers too. I am not sure
whether I will build more, as the effort is barely worthwhile ;-( Just in case, keep an eye on my blog!


6 Responses to “… been a busy fall”

  1. qyuan0366 Says:

    Wow! Nice job!

  2. D Says:

    Impressive work!

  3. D Says:

    I see that you have two different designs. Is the design improved?

  4. rxlaser Says:

    Hi D,

    well there is one design that uses parts of a commercial ECDL, that’s why one laser looks different. The grating there is of the same type as for the other lasers, so there is no real difference.

    You parts are on the way!

    All the best,

  5. D Says:


  6. andreas Sarakinos Says:

    we would like to buy the Precision diode/TEC drivers and LD free running or ecdl at 640 nm.
    Please contact by email.

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