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Some more diode tests

January 5, 2014

Finally I completed over the holidays a bunch of further diode tests with regard to single mode operation, mostly in ECDL setups. I had collected them over the years but didn’t have enough time to actually do it. Hopefully I’ll be more active again in the future.

In brief, the results are as follows:

  • Mitsubishi ML520G71 300mW/635nm, Opnext HL6388MG 250mW/640nm, Mitsubishi LPC-836 300mW/655nm diodes:
  • Opnext HL63603TG 120mW/638nm/3.8mm laser diode:
    very good ECDL to 60-70mW
  • Mitsubishi ML520G54 110mW/638nm laser diode:
    very good ECDL to 60-70mW
  • Osram PL520 50mW/520nm laser diode:
    good ECDL to 40mW
  • Further details can be found here. As a spoiler, here a brief movie (2.7MB) of a test of the green Osram, which shows stable single mode operation at around 40mW:

    Happy New Year!