Some more diode tests

Finally I completed over the holidays a bunch of further diode tests with regard to single mode operation, mostly in ECDL setups. I had collected them over the years but didn’t have enough time to actually do it. Hopefully I’ll be more active again in the future.

In brief, the results are as follows:

  • Mitsubishi ML520G71 300mW/635nm, Opnext HL6388MG 250mW/640nm, Mitsubishi LPC-836 300mW/655nm diodes:
  • Opnext HL63603TG 120mW/638nm/3.8mm laser diode:
    very good ECDL to 60-70mW
  • Mitsubishi ML520G54 110mW/638nm laser diode:
    very good ECDL to 60-70mW
  • Osram PL520 50mW/520nm laser diode:
    good ECDL to 40mW
  • Further details can be found here. As a spoiler, here a brief movie (2.7MB) of a test of the green Osram, which shows stable single mode operation at around 40mW:

    Happy New Year!


5 Responses to “Some more diode tests”

  1. D Says:

    Nice work! And Happy New Year!

  2. Marcin Says:

    Hi Wler!
    Great update- it was worth waiting for. Any chance of You building 520nm ECDL setup for sale? I’m in desperate need for stable green photons for DCG holo-exposures(with tight budget).


    • D Says:

      Wouldn´t a blue laser be better for DCG?

      • ms Says:

        Truth, but mix of blue and green and red is even more interesting:) Thats my intend for MBDCG. 520nm should be more sensitive than 532nm- it would be nice experiment to try it out.

  3. rxlaser Says:

    Actually I think that a green diode can never beat a SLM DPSS in beam quality, and there are various types available of those, also cheaper ones than the Coherent 315. The main point for a green diode, as I see it, would be to match the beam profile of other diode lasers.

    As for blue, I believe that it is much more efficient for DCG than a green one with comparabale power. I do have a 450nm ECDL almost ready but it has good stabilty to only 30mW or so, somehow I can’t get beyond this for unknown reasons.

    Also due to the widespread use of blue diodes, there are also optics like waveplates and polarising cubes readily available, see the usual forums for group buys.

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