Arduino-shield high precision TEC controller for laser diode holography

Finally, after more than 1/2 year of work this project is completed; well, almost, I still need to tweak software, but I won’t have time for the rest of the year. Here is a quite exhaustive writeup, so nothing needs to be added for now in this blog.

The plan is to develop next another Arduino shield as a companion, very stable laser diode driver. This will be hard since noise and stability requirements will be harder, and not easy to reach given the noisy digital environment. As preparation I have set up an extremely sensitive low noise amplifier for measurements (see previous post).

Moreover, a miniature combo board of TEC and laser diode controller is planned, but only after having gained more experience with the present controllers.

I may sell some of the controllers at a later time once the complete package incl diode driver is done and turnkey useable.



3 Responses to “Arduino-shield high precision TEC controller for laser diode holography”

  1. D Says:

    Interesting work!

  2. Filippo77 Says:

    Sorry, I correct a bit my request:

    Hi, I’m interesting in this system, but I need to control an home beer fermeter, in order to cool or heat the beer during the fermentation period. But I do not have ability to build your project.
    I already have an Arduino Uno R3, a I2C display, two TEC cells, and a power supply 12V 30A.
    Having this in mind, can you build your shield for me and ship it to me? How much does it cost?

    • rxlaser Says:

      Hello, I don’t have time for it! Also, this circuit is designed to have a stability of about 1/1000 degree, which is overkill for beer. There are lots of suitable devices on ebay and Aliexpress AFAIK. But thanks for asking anyway!

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