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January 23, 2009

This is a test to see whether it works… everybody has a blog now and why not me. I get lots of technical questions by email, and it might be easier to have discussions in a blog rather then by mail. So please feel free to drop by, english and german spoken here.

So what happened here during the last two years? Almost nothing, I didn’t have much time for my hobby but plan to be more active again. There is a major incomplete project, namely of stabilized 650nm diode laser modules suitable for holography. I had made a prototype which works well (stable single longitudinal mode at approx 50mW), and next I would build some more of them; but this requires some PCB and mechanical work for which I don’t have time right now.

Moreover I’d be eager to do some holography again, but this requires setting up my optical table which is completely blocked right now by the spectrum measurement apparatus I need for the diode lasers… to bad that I don’t have space for more than one concurrent project.

On the long run, I will try a single mode high power DPSS laser; I have already collected lots of parts like Yag rods and disks, KTP’s, diodes from 2 to 60W, 100A power supplies. All sorts of cooling, temperature stabilization, pump optics design, thermal lensing, green noise, etc, issues will come up and this will be a huge effort as far as I can see. But as a fellow holographer has said…. adversary builds character 😉